Bacon Stake - Cardano Stake Pool

Committed to being reliable, secure, and delicious.


Globally dispersed relay nodes using enterprise-grade infrastructure that ensures 99.99% uptime.


We follow the highest security standards to protect the pool, with global DCs, multi-layer security, relay redundancy, realtime monitoring and alerts, and more.


Who doesn’t love bacon? We’ll never increase our fees, and we’re here if you need support.

Why Cardano?

We believe Cardano was built the right way and can grow to become the financial operating system of the world. We want to play a part in this mission, helping decentralize the network and facilitate transactions.

How to stake?

You can find the BACON stake pool when staking from wallets such as Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite.

Why stake with BACON?

We’re committed to providing a secure and resilient Staking Pool, to ensure we support delegators and the Cardano network by reliably minting blocks.

15 years of computer science and product management experience across hardware, software, and online services.


Masters in Electrical Engineering, Fintech product background, and recently retired space monkey.


Cloud and Linux engineer with 5 years of enterprise-level experience in server administration.